Design Services

Design Services

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Do you have a vision for your home but really don’t know where to start? Think that hiring a designer to help you is beyond your budget? Think again.

One of my greatest passions in life is helping people create spaces that truly inspire them. This is the reason that I have created an interior design fee structure that makes my design services accessible to everyone — from very small budgets or small projects to large interior design overhauls. I give you plenty of choices – you can take the plan I craft and ‘run with it’ or you can have me oversee and execute every last detail down to the final finishing touches. It’s all up to you.

So how does it work? Two simple steps get you started:


Step One – The Consultation

For a small consultation fee, I will meet with you to help you articulate your dream for your space. We’ll discuss your budget, your style and all the basics necessary to develop a solid plan.

From this initial consultation, you will receive a design plan which will have everything you need to move forward with your project including a floor plan with recommendations for colour, fabrics, window coverings, lighting and even furniture if desired. I’ll also walk you step-by-step through an approach for executing the plan if you intend to do the work yourself.

(For an example of a Design Plan for a Dining Room, click here.)

(For samples of past decorating projects, click here.)


Step Two – Deciding Where to Go From Here

With your plan in hand, the next step is deciding how you want to execute it. If you’re happy to do the work yourself, your only cost is the consultation fee. I’m also available for an hourly rate if you decide you want to team-up on a particular part of the plan or if you run into any hiccups along the way and wish to consult with me.

Alternately, you may wish to delegate all the work to me and sit back and watch the plan unfold. If that’s the case, we sign an agreement that outlines fees, budget, timelines and major milestones. I’ll also subtract the cost of the initial consultation from the cost of the project.  It’s really that easy.

When I come home, I want to be able to kick off my shoes, look around, take a deep breath, and smile. And I want that for you too. Each of us deserves a space that reflects the best in us, and brings out the best in us. It would be my privilege to help you create that space.

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Gilles Charette – Interior Decorator and Owner, G3 Living

Gilles Charette is a self-educated interior decorator who has worked successfully in numerous industries from home décor and lighting to marketing and human resources. The common thread however that connects his diverse experience is a love and talent for realizing the potential inherent in the people and places around him. His true passion lies in transforming ordinary spaces into inspiring, exceptionally beautiful and ultimately comfortable and functional environments. Born and raised in Northern Ontario, Gilles moved to Prince Edward County in 2005, and in that time has owned and operated a Bed & Breakfast and home decor boutique but is now focusing exclusively on working with his clients to create comfortable, stylish spaces they love.

Gilles’ philosophy is that creating a beautiful space doesn’t have to cost a fortune, that a lot can be done with a little, and that the best spaces are a reflection of the best of their inhabitants. G3 Living reflects this belief by listening to his clients and asking the right questions in order to determine the heart of each client’s style, and by offering flexible options in order to accommodate a wide range of budgets and project sizes.